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Divers venturing to Brockville, Ontario, can expect a thrilling underwater experience in the heart of the Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence River. This area is renowned for its exceptionally clear waters and a fascinating array of sunken ships. Divers of all levels can explore historical wrecks that date back to the 19th and early 20th centuries, each with its own story and preserved in the fresh river water. The aquatic life is vibrant, with pike, bass, and various freshwater fish sightings. Above water, Brockville charms with its beautiful riverfront, historic architecture, and welcoming small-town vibe, making it a complete package for a diving trip.

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What's included: guided dives, Saturday breakfast, lunch, & dinner, Sunday breakfast, & hotel (if selected).


* Hotel check-in is available at 3:00 PM.
* Meet at Centeen Park on Friday at 6:00 PM for an optional shore / Night(-ish) dive.
* Dinner on your own.

Saturday: Boat Diving Group:
* Meet at the dock at 8:30 AM in time for a 9:00 AM departure
* Dive the Daryaw & Muscallonge Wrecks
* Lunch onboard
Approximate return time 2:00 PM

Saturday Shore Diving Group:
* Depart the hotel at 8:30 to dive the Prescott underwater park and Rothsay wreck
* Meet back at the hotel for lunch at 1:30 PM

Saturday Both Groups come together for the rest of the trip
* Depart the hotel at 3:30 PM to dive the wreck of the Connestota 
* Depart the hotel at 6:45 PM to dinner at O'Heaphy's Pub

* Meet at the dock at 8:30 AM in time for a 9:00 AM departure
* Dive the Lilly Parsons & Gaskin Wrecks
Approximate return time 1:00 PM

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