Learn to Swim Like a Mermaid!

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Learn how to become a mermaid with the exciting SSI Mermaid program! This mermaid training provides all the skills and techniques you need to maximize your mermaid experience, be truly comfortable in the water and get the most out of your equipment. Our programs can be a simple one-time experience or become a lifelong journey. We will work with you to select the level of training that meets your interests.

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Start with a Try Mermaid Class

The first place to start for most students is with a Try Mermaid session. This session can be a fun one-time experience for anyone ages 6+, and this session can help you decide if mermading is right for you. Alternatively, children in the ages 6-11+ range can join us for SSI Explorers where we slowly build skills to help children become mermaid-ready over six classes.

We typically schedule our Try Mermaid classes by customer request, so please use our online form to request a date and time that would work for you and perhaps your friends or family. Class sizes range from 4-8 students depending on diver age and instructor availability. Try Mermaid is for anyone ages 6+, so it is easy for families to take this class together. Adults can also request an adult-only class to be scheduled. Similarly, parents can request a child-only class to be scheduled. 

Note: Please check the Diver Medical Statement Participant Questionnaire before registering. You may need to have a doctor's sign off before participating your first session.


Next, Register for the full Mermaid Course

After your Try Mermaid experience, we can schedule a full Mermaid certification course for you (ages 12+). You can choose a date that's already on our calendar, or we can schedule a course at your convenience. There is no additional charge for a scheduled class. 


When you register, you will have access to SSI's e-learning software. Six chapters need to be completed in total. Each chapter ends with a quiz that must be passed.

Academic Sessions

This course has one required in-person academic session. We will meet in-person to discuss mermaid skills, equipment, conservation, and answer all of your questions. We will end class with a tour of our dive shop mermaid equipment. 

Mermaid Equipment

Mermaid students are required to have their own mask, mermaid monofin, and mermaid tailskin. You will work with your instructor to ensure you get all the correct gear for our course. The RU4Scuba dive shop is available to supply gear by appointment or at the end of your academic session. 

Pool Sessions

Now that you understand the theory, it's time to get in the water! We will demonstrate and practice the skills covered in the academics. There are typically three pool sessions, but we can provide an extra session if more skill development is needed.


Then Consider Taking Additional Courses

photo of ocean mermaid courseMermaid certification is only the start! The next level is the Ocean Mermaid, where you perform your pool mermaid skills in open water (available July & August only). We also offer Model Mermaid to improve your mermaid appearance on land and in-water for photography and video. Other popular specialty course options for mermaids are our Try Freediving and Basic Freediver courses. These courses aid in helping with relaxation, breathing techniques, and streamlining your movement in the water. 



Or Go Dive

Once you're a certified mermaid, the underwater world is at your fingertips!  We offer some fun opportunities that might be of interest to you!

Join us for open swim or Mermaid Aerobics at our pools.

Outside of the summer season, we schedule open swimming sessions for our certified mermaid and freedivers. This is an opportunity to practice all of your skills and be social with other regional mermaids and freedivers. One of our DivePros, Laura, is also piloting interested mermaids in Mermaid Aerobics.

Come to the Quarry


We recommend joining us at our quarry on Tuesday evenings during the summer! Advanced registration is required, and equipment rental is available if weights are needed. 

Quarry Registration

Travel with Us


Join us for a trip to a warm destination! We add new dive trips to our calendar each year. Keep a look out for mermaid-focused trips in the near future. 

RU4Scuba Calendar


Frequently Asked Questions

What gear is included in the Try Mermaid class?

For a Try Mermaid class, we provide a mask, snorkel, traditional bi-fins, and a mermaid monofin. We do not provide tailskins as these are a personal item - similar to a bathing suit. Students do have the option of purchasing a mermaid tailskin. Please reach out to your instructor for guidance or schedule a visit to our dive shop.

What should I bring to my Try Mermaid class?

Please bring a towel, swimsuit, and water (no glass bottles, please).

Optional items to consider are water shoes for the pool deck, neoprene socks (prevents blisters), thermal layer or wetsuit (pool is 85 degrees), a mermaid tailskin, swim goggles, and a nose clip. 

Do I have to wear a tailskin?

For Try Mermaid, no. This is an optional purchase. We do require students becoming certified as a Mermaid to wear a tailskin. Fortunately, tailskins comes in a variety of colors and options to meet your individual preferences. 

What happens if I need more time in training than the average person?

The Mermaid class is about you becoming comfortable in the water, and we know that people learn at different rates. Some people will take longer than others to be comfortable, so we do not charge more if you need an extra session.