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Taking your first breath underwater is exhilarating! We're here to help you achieve your goal! As an Open Diver Water, you will be able to dive anywhere you want, with anyone you want, and become part of a community of underwater explorers that others dream of joining. If you are short on time or not ready to become an Open Water Diver, our Basic Diver, Scuba Diver, Indoor Diver, and Referral Diver programs are also great choices to learn how to dive. You can upgrade your certification easily and at any time to become an Open Water Diver, simply by completing some additional training. Learn how to scuba dive with SSI and begin your adventure today!

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Start with a Try Scuba Class

The first place to start is with a Try Scuba session. This will make you comfortable in the water and see if diving is right for you. We offer two versions of Try Scuba: one that is focused on the fun of trying diving and one version that counts as your first pool session for Open Water Diver (OWD) certification. If you choose the version that counts towards OWD certification, you can apply the cost of the course towards your open water certification class.

Note: Please check the Diver Medical Statement Participant Questionnaire before registering. You may need to have a doctor's sign off before participating your first session.


Next, Register for Open Water Diver Diver

After your Try Scuba class, we can schedule an Open Water Diver course for you. You can choose a date that's already on our calendar, or we can schedule a session at your convenience. There is no additional charge for a one-on-one class (many of our instructors prefer working individually with students). 


When you register, you will have access to SSI's e-learning software. Six chapters need to be completed in total. Each chapter ends with a quiz that must be passed—chapters 1-3 need to be done before our first open water diver pool session.

Academic Sessions

After you complete the e-learning, we review the content and ensure you're comfortable with how that content connects to the physical practice of diving. We usually do this at the start of each of our pool sessions, but we can also do this over Zoom or meet in person if you would like!

Pool Sessions

Now that you understand the theory, it's time to get in the water! We will demonstrate and practice the skills covered in the academics. There are usually four pool sessions, but we will provide as many as you need to feel comfortable. 

Checkout Dives

The last step is to demonstrate your knowledge of the skills required for certification in the open water! If you choose to do the complete package, we will do this in our quarry in Scottsville, NY.


Frequently Asked Questions About Open Water Diver

What is included in the Open Water Diver Class?

The Open Water Diver class tuition includes online training materials, as many pool training dives as you need to make you feel comfortable underwater, four open water certification dives, an internationally recognized certification card, rental of the scuba gear that you may need during class including regulators, gauges, dive computer, wetsuit, hood & gloves (if needed). 

Also included is your mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit boots, and gear bag. Those items are yours to enjoy after the class and do not need to be purchased separately. If you would like a different gear than what is included, you may apply the gear's value towards purchasing other gear from our shop.

So, do you include my personal gear, such as mask, fins, & snorkel, in the Open Water Diver class tuition?

Yes. We try to follow our tagline - "Rochester's Friendliest Dive Shop." We don't like surprises, and we bet you don't either. Rather than advertising a low price and requiring you to purchase additional items and pay extra for certification dives, we include everything you need in your course tuition.

What happens if I need more time in training than the average person?

The Open Water Diver class is about you becoming comfortable in the water, and we know that people learn at different rates. Some people will take longer than others to be comfortable, so we do not charge extra if you need more time in the pool than other people.

Can I do my Open Water Dives while on vacation?

Yes. We have a universal referral form that will be accepted by most dive shops regardless of which training organization they use.


Then Either Take Advanced Adventurer

certification card for advanced adventurerOpen Water Diver certification is only the start! The next level is the Advanced Adventurer, where you try out five different specialty classes offered. Popular specialty courses include perfect buoyancy, deep diving, wreck diving, navigation, and search & recovery!



Or Go Dive

Once you're a certified diver, the underwater world is at your fingertips!  We offer some fun opportunities that might be of interest to you!

Travel with us!

Join us in Alexandria Bay or the Niagara region for day trips to local dive destinations. You can book a specialty class to go along with the dive or do a fun dive!

RU4Scuba Calendar

Come to the Quarry

We recommend joining us at our quarry on Tuesday evenings during the summer! Advanced registration is required, and equipment rental is available.

Quarry Registration