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This entry-level certification course gets you comfortable using a monofin and tailskin to dive like a mermaid. Includes one academic session and three pool sessions.


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Learn how to become a mermaid with the exciting SSI Mermaid program! This mermaid training provides all the skills and techniques you need to maximize your mermaid experience, be truly comfortable in the water and get the most out of your equipment. This course consists of one academic sessions and three pool sessions. 

After getting certified as an SSI Mermaid, the next logical step is to take your mermaid adventures to our wonderful oceans! With just 2 additional open water sessions, you can upgrade to become an SSI Ocean Mermaid at any time. Get started today!

Ages: 12+

Required Swim Ability: Can swim 165 feet (50 meters) independent swim with stroke of choice. Can tread water for five minutes. 

Session Length: One 90-minute academic session and three 90-minute pool sessions.

Gear provided during pool session: Weight belt and weights.

Gear students must bring to class: Mask, fins, mermaid monofin, mermaid tailskin, and swimming goggles. Contact instructor for assistance purchasing the correct gear. Also bring a towel, swimsuit, and water. 

The image below shows a Sun Tails Mermaid Tailskin and Mermaid Monofin. The monofin fits inside the base of the tailskin (see photo on right). We carry Sun Tails monofins and tailskins in our shop. Visit our shop to see the range of gear available. 



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